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iCoach video series

All you need to know about Handball

For the first time, our video series deal in detail with the technical details of modern handball training. You get the concentrated knowledge of our coaches and experts with years of experience in competitive handball in professional videos.



All tips and tricks a wing-player needs

Have you always wanted to know how the top outfield players train, how they improve their throwing technique or how a spin move works? Then this series is just right for you.


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Modern Handball athletics

Agility, strength and all you need to know

Ever wanted to know how to increase jumping power, how to get a harder throw, or how to get even faster? Then this video series is for you!


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Straight Shot Training

The back weapon

You've always wanted to know how you can become even more dangerous from the back and what other shot variations there are? Then this video series is just right for you!



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Angriffskonzeptionen und Taktik-Verständnis

In dieser Serie zeigt euch A-Lizenz Trainer Frederik Neuhaus anhand von zahlreichen Angriffskonzeptionen seiner Mannschaften, auf welche Details er achtet und welche Ziele er mit den einzelnen Varianten verfolgt. Die Videos geben Euch einen tiefen Einblick in das Taktik-Repertoire im Leistungsbereich und bringen Euer Taktik-Verständnis auf das nächste Level. 

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Handball Fakes

Win more 1 one 1 situations

Have you ever wanted to know how to make even better fakes in the game or what other deceptions there are? Then this video series is for you!


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Goalkeeper training

Goalkeeping basics and techniques

Goalkeeper training in handball is still something special. Only rarely are goalkeepers - who hold one of the most important positions in modern handball - well supported. Mostly, this is because the coaches themselves don't know much about goalkeeper training. This is because far too rarely are these areas of handball addressed in coach education courses.


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Modern defense training

Philosophy, techniques, tips and tricks

Modern defenses require outstanding individual defensive skills from all players. In most cases, however, defensive training focuses primarily on teamwork, for example in a 6:0 or 5:1 defense. But how can individual defensive skills be specifically trained and improved? That's exactly what you'll find out in this video series, which focuses on the essential aspects of modern defensive play and explains them in a very practical way. Using numerous exercises, DHB A-license coach Frederik Neuhaus shows how you can take your defensive game to the next level and develop players into top defenders in the long term.


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Setting the block, cooperation and more

The hardest, but also one of the most important positions in handball is without question that of the circle runner (pivot). In this video series, the selection coaches Dr. Julian Bauer and Frederik Neuhaus show you how to optimally set the stage for circle runners and how to improve their technique and throwing efficiency. With the help of numerous practical exercises for everyday training and theoretical knowledge about the circle runner game, you will learn how modern circle runners are developed and become even more effective.


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Youth performance handball

Training Control & Best Practice

In this video series, DHB A-license coach Frederik Neuhaus provides insights into the philosophy and training control in the youth performance handball. Using numerous best-practice exercises and training units, he shows the essential elements of modern training design.


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Wie können Verletzungen reduziert werden?

4-5 Bänderrisse, 1-2 Kreuzbandrisse und 3-4 Spieler mit Schulterproblemen - so oder so ähnlich sieht viel zu Häufig eine "gute Saisonbilanz" in den meisten Vereinen aus. Wir sind der festen Überzeugung: Das muss nicht sein! Wir haben uns in den vergangenen 8 Jahren sehr intensiv mit dem Thema Verletzungsprävention im Handball beschäftigt.

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3:2:1-Abwehr Teil II

Kooperation in der offensiven Deckung

m zweiten Teil der Serie zur 3:2:1-Abwehr zeigen wir Euch wie man das aktive, kooperative Abwehrverhalten zwischen den einzelnen Positionen gezielt schult und verbessert.

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About iCoachHandball

Video education for coaches & players

How can I actually make my outside players better? What does modern athletic training for handball players look like? And how can I improve my players' throwing accuracy and variations? Or how do you actually do it in the selection area with individual position training?

We are asked these and many other questions again and again at our advanced training courses for coaches or during visits to the Handball Performance Center. Therefore, we have created iCoachHandball to give you an insight into our daily training work, our philosophy and our methods. 

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