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What's it about?

Handball training rethought

iCoachHandball is a team of licensed handball coaches and experts with many years of experience in the competitive field. We want to provide you with the knowledge we have gathered in many thousands of hours of education and training in a simple, understandable and practical way. For this purpose, we have produced numerous, high-quality videos and video series, each dealing with a special topic of handball. We want to give you the essence of how we train, which philosophy we follow, which tools we use and which training methods and principles lead to success. 

All of our experts have been active in trainer education and training for many years and bring the know-how to the point with our didactic concept. This results in valuable new suggestions and ideas for all coaches at all levels of performance and experience on how to take their training and their players to the next level.

Handball Association Westphalia

In cooperation with the largest state association in Germany

The Handballverband Westfalen (Westphalia Handball Association) is the largest state association in Germany with about 90,000 members. In cooperation with the HV Westfalen, we are developing a completely new type of trainer education and training.


Professional production

Easy to understand in HD quality

We place special emphasis on the individual training and further development of handball players. Since there is almost no material - and certainly no video material - on this subject, we have created entire video series for you on these topics and illuminate them from all sides. The series are structured in such a way that all videos build on each other and teach the basics for beginners as well as complex details and methods for advanced players and experts. In short: There is something for every handball coach and of course for every player.